Infocus Magazine Mars 2015

Infocus Magazine Mars 2015

Ready Mixed Plant Innovations. What’s new for concrete producers By Jean Feingold The manufacturers of ready mixed plants continue to improve their products to help concrete producers make better, more consistent concrete. Here are some of the new ideas that have come to market recently.

BMH Systems ROI Calculator

Thinking of converting your dry batch plant to a wet batch plant? Want to know whether doing this makes sense financially? The BMH Systems ROI Calculator can help. Introduced at the World of Concrete in February 2015, it is designed to help ready mixed producers decide whether it is financially feasible to make the investment of adding a mixer to an existing dry batch plant to convert it into a wet batch plant – or whether to build a new wet batch plant initially.

“The disadvantage of dry batching is that ready mixed drivers end up making the concrete by adding the water and admixtures,” noted Greg Elliott, Business Development Manager for BMH Systems. “With a wet batch plant, finished concrete is made in the plant by a batch operator using the plant’s embedded technology. These systems have very tight controls and produce consistent high quality concrete because they are not subject to human error.” Other benefits of wet batching are that the concrete will already be ready for immediate placement instead of having to be mixed in the truck on the way to the job. In addition, the concrete can be sampled at the plant to make sure it meets customers’ specifications instead of requiring a quality control inspector at the jobsite to test the concrete there.

When the ready mixed producer provides cost information to BMH specific to their situation, including depreciation schedules, production rates, number of mixer trucks operated and other relevant information, BMH will figure out whether upgrading to a wet batch plant would increase the producer’s revenue and profitability. Since some concrete customers, including government agencies like state departments of transportation, require the use of wet batch plants in their specifications, upgrading may help ready mixed producers get new jobs and broaden their base of potential clients.

Elliott said the BMH ROI Calculator is a proprietary program. It works with any brand of existing dry batch plant. The company offers this service at no charge. Customers considering making the investment in a wet batch plant can contact the BMH sales department to get personalized information on how long it will take to recoup the upgrade investment.