In order to navigate through all the steps of designing and fabrication of your concrete batch plant, the BMH Systems team works closely with, and at each level of the client’s company. We are proud to have experts who can share their expertise and knowledge to ensure we develop a solution that will meet your needs.

Michel Blais, President of BMH Systems

Michel Blais, P. Eng.


Benoit Godbout, General Manager of BMH Systems

Benoit Godbout

General Manager

Daniel Lagadec Vice President of Development of BMH Systems

Daniel Lagadec, P. Eng.

VP of Development

Jean-François Barbeau VP Engineering of BMH Systems

Jean-François Barbeau, P. Eng.

VP Engineering

Marie-Claude Blais Director, Finance and Human Resources of BMH Systems

Marie-Claude Blais, CPA

Director, Finance and Human Resources

Alain Gilbert, Director, Logistics and Procurement of BMH Systems

Alain Gilbert

Director, Logistics and Procurement

Gilles Dionne, MMSt

Director of sales

Sebastien Talbot, Director of engineering of BMH Systems

Sébastien Talbot, P. Eng.

Director of engineering

Marie-Hélène Cazelais, Marketing Manager of BMH Systems

Marie-Hélène Cazelais, M. Sc.

Marketing Manager

Derek Brown, Representative of BMH Systems for all Canada

Derek Brown

Representative (Canada)

Greg Elliott, Representative of BMH Systems for USA

Gregory Elliott

Representative (United States)

Dallas Stevens, Representative of BMH Systems for USA

Dallas Stevens

Representative (United States)

François Beaulieu, Installation Director of BMH Systems

François Beaulieu, P. Eng.

Installation Director

Jean-Benoit Patenaude, Project Manager of BMH Systems

Jean-Benoit Patenaude, P. Eng.

Project Manager

Renaud Labrecque, Automation Director of BMH Systems

Renaud Labrecque

Automation Director

Serge Lagadec. Manufacturing Manager & QC of BMH Systems

Serge Lagadec

Manufacturing Manager & QC

Francis Scabellone, Production Engineer of BMH Systems

Francis Scabellone, P. Eng.

Production Engineer