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Computerized batch control system

The BMH control system. A state-of-the-art computerized batch control system customized and designed for your specific requirements.

Our man-machine interface uses an intuitive approach that makes it quick and simple for the operator to learn. Having a complete diagram of your plant on-screen allows you to follow all the different steps of your plant's operation. Also, the complete manual operation of your plant is done via mouse or touch-screen.

To refine your plant's operations for peak performance with respect to speed and precision, you can adjust the parameters of all major components or have the system do auto-corrections. Such parameters include trim batching tolerances, discharge rates, discharge delays and many more.


Remote batching for concrete plants. A plant located in one city can be operated from a workstation in another city.

  • Up to 4 plants can be operated with 1 workstation
  • Reduced cost of computer hardware/software
  • Reduced manpower to operate the plant
  • Complete diagram of your plant on-screen
Computerized control system includes:
  • Animated color graphics
  • Stock level alarms
  • Moisture compensation
  • Fast and slow feed of all materials
  • Preset tolerances
  • Production reports
  • And much more
BMH System - control system - computerized batch control system