Concrete temperature control system

To ensure the functionality of the plant throughout the various seasons of the year, BMH offers heating and cooling systems.

Aggregate heating system

Water heating

The boilers make it possible to obtain very precise water temperatures for the production of quality concrete. They are available in several capacities to support all operating sizes from the smallest to the largest.

Aggregate heating

Various systems are available for heating with either hot gas (very little steam), for better control of moisture, or more conventional lost steam systems.  Aggregate heating allows the frozen mass in the receiving hoppers or storage areas to melt and preheats the aggregates in the skips to meet the temperature requirements of the best performing concrete where the addition of hot water is enough to do the job alone.

Cooling system

Ice machine 

Mainly used for the construction of major structures (dams, drilling platforms), several possibilities exist: flake ice machines with either crushed ice or in block ice, etc. BMH can provide ice production equipment, storage, handling, and dispensing.

Water Cooler

Allows for precise control of water temperature ensuring a consistent quality concrete product. Often used when the water supply comes from a lake or river.