Our Services

BMH Systems provide batching plant design, fabrication, modernization and expansion services. We offer turnkey solutions, from the initial conception to the plant's start-up. No matter the size of the project, BMH is committed to accurately meet the specific needs of each company. Starting in the budget phase, our experts will advise you on the different types of preferred equipment.


Our customized plants:

  • Concrete Batch Plants
  • Plants designed for major infrastructure projects
  • Precast Concrete Plants
  • Bagging Plants
  • Paste Backfill Plants

A turnkey solution

phase 1 - Proposal Process

  • Validation of the client's requirements 
    • Process Description 
    • Capacity requirements in cubic yd/hour (cubic m/h) 
    • Required and desired production equipment 
    • Storage requirements
    • Specific Features 
    • Bid submission date 
    • Desired start-up date 
  • Development of the preliminary concepts for the budgeting phase, pre-feasibility, or pre-qualification for large-scale projects 
  • Taking into account the constraints: 
    • City regulations 
    • Available footprint and minimal foundations 
    • Soil analysis 
    • Seismic zone requirements
    • Existing equipment and buildings 
  • Client's Order
Phase 1 - Proposal Process

phase 2 - Design Process of the concrete batch plant

  • A Project Manager is assigned to the project
  • Review of the proposal with the client 
  • Description and process validation 
  • Initiate and maintain a close working relationship with the client and stakeholders 
  • Preparation of the list of equipment
  • Client approval of the general arrangement‎ drawings
  • Selection of quality components available anywhere in North America 
  • Detailed plans and specifications from the design stage of the proposal: 
    • Full compliance with project specifications 
    • Integration of recent innovations 
    • Ergonomic production area 
    • Aesthetic plants for urban integration 
  • 3D design and modeling of the plant using the most up-to-date computer systems 
  • Electrical schematics design
Phase 2 - Design Process

phase 3 - Manufacturing Process of the concrete batch plant

  • Establish a manufacturing schedule
  • Manufacturing and assembly in our manufacturing facilities
  • Quality control of all operations by our own inspectors 
  • Electrical equipment prewired in our manufacturing facilities
  • Preparation and design of the required control equipment: 
    • PLC 
    • Control Panel 
    • Power Panel
  • Coordination of the delivery of the equipment to the work site with the client 
  • Shipping
Phase 3 - Manufacturing Process

phase 4 - Installation process and start-up of the concrete batch plant

  • Establish the installation and start-up schedule with the client
  • Installation of the structure, mechanical equipment, pneumatics, building and siding installation 
  • Electrical wiring 
    • I/O Test 
    • Power test 
  • Software Installation 
    • Network Connection 
    • Remote Installation 
  • System configuration 
    • Calibration 
    • Configuration 
  • System reboot 
    • Manual tests 
    • Automated tests 
  • Training and customer support 
  • Service manual and plant maintenance schedule
  • Troubleshooting
Phase 4 - Installation process and start-up

phase 5 - Customer Service for your concrete batch plant

  • Engineers on call for on-site or telephone support 
  • Control system integrator available for online or on-site support 
  • Mechanical and electrical components available anywhere in North America 
  • Plant assistance during particular projects 
  • Equipment improvement and optimization upon request 
  • Client satisfaction
Phase 5 - Customer Service