300+ yd³/hr ► Low Profile

Wet Batch Plants

100% Tailored to Your Needs
► Meets every aspect of what you want in a plant

High Production
► 300+ yd³/hr (231+ m³/hr)

High Capacities
► Unlimited agg & cement storage


► Quality control
► 2 – 3x less truck drum wear
► Higher production capacity
► Cleaner trucks and environment
► Achievement of difficult mix designs
► Faster truck loading and turnaround


Handling System

► Above or underground hoppers
► Any number of bins
► Unlimited capacity
► Rotary chute
► Belt conveyor
► Radial stacker
► Bucket elevator
► Shuttle belt conveyor

Dust Control

► Dust collection system at the discharge point of the RollMaster®, using bag filters or cartridges to recycle dust into the next batch or back to the plant

Aggregate Heating System

► Outside pads
► Inside aggregate bin
► Inside receiving hoppers

Aggregate, cement & water weigh hoppers

► To fit any batch size

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