Precast Plant

We’ll engineer your plant
► To fit your needs

We’ll Manufacture your plant
► 40 years of expertise

A Unique Way
► Tailored exactly to you

Tailored to your exact needs

We design and manufactures precast concrete plants in a unique way. BMH Systems is delivering customized precast plants that fit any machine and meet any capacity and building requirements.

We can do it!

OUR expertise

► Small footprint
► Turnkey solution
► Aesthetic design
► New equipment additions
► Increased storage capacity
► Retrofit of existing facilities
► Production capacity increase
► New production line additions
► Improved production flexibility
► Improved performance of existing equipment
► Equipment modernization for integration of new products

Complete customization of your precast concrete plant

► Flow switch
► Motion detectors
► Concrete slump control
► Expandable silo capacity
► Concrete handling systems
► Heating and curing systems
► Customizable aggregate bin
► Central dust collection systems
► Integration of any color system
► Choose from a variety of mixers
► Moisture and temperature probes
► Rock ladders to prevent segregation
► Clamshell gate or variable speed feeders
► Small to extra-large production capacities
► Any low-profile or gravity model available
► High and low level indicators in bins and silos
► Automation and computerized batch control systems
► Exclusive double or triple hoppers for consistent color blending


► Skip hoist
► Washing system
► Special wear plates
► Concrete transport system integration
► Paddles made of rubber, tungsten or polyurethane

Planetary mixer

► Easy to clean
► Further reduced maintenance
► Reducers that are both powerful and robust
► Discharge gates with a pneumatic/hydraulic actuator
► Wide range of models, from 0.43 yd³ (0.33 m³) to 4 yd³  (3 m³) output
► Floor tile upgrade from 0.47’’ (12 mm) to 0.71’’ (18 mm) – 610BHN
► Rubber/cast iron mixing paddles for optimum durability
► Specially designed for precast concrete and dry mortar
► Countercurrent mixing system so that all the energy is projected onto the concrete
► Equipped with a hydraulic coupling to allow for a smooth emergency start-up when the mixer is full

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