Bagging Plant

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Wide experience

BMH has acquired a vast experience in bagging plants and has gained an enviable reputation by providing bagging plants for companies such as Flextile, Mapei, Sika, Schluter and KPM Industries. Exceptional expertise and knowledge were developed in such critical phases as the dosing, weighing and mixing of ingredients as well as the proper handling of bags.


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► Multiple mixers
► Pneumatic transfer
► Multiple storage silos
► Dust collection system
► Multiple spout baggers
► Micro-ingredients batching
► Vibrating and fluid bed dryers
► Computerized batch control system
► Bag handling, palletizing and wrapping

Horizontal shaft Mixer

This mixer is specially designed for dry mortar and works with dry materials in powder, granules and sticky materials.

► High wear resistance
► Extremely low maintenance
► Specially designed for dry mortar mixing
► Hydraulic and pneumatic-operated discharge doors
► Wide range of models from 200 to 6,000 litres 1/4 yd3 to 8 yd3 output
► Handles dry, powdered, granulated and sticky materials
► Uniform mixing through three-dimensional materials
spraying and agitation
► Powerful gearbox for maximum power, with the possibility
to add a variable speed drive

Planetary mixer

This planetary mixing action can produce a homogeneous mixture in a short period of time. It is optimal for a very wide variety of industries such as blocks and pavers, architectural products, concrete pipes, cored slabs, structural elements and bagging.

► Easy washing / cleaning
► Further reduced maintenance
► Reducers that are both powerful and robust
► Discharge gate with a pneumatic/hydraulic actuator
► Wide range of models, from 0.33 m³ to 3 m³ | 0.43 yd3 to 4 yd3 output
► Floor tile upgrade from 0.47’’ (12 mm) to 0.71’’ (18 mm) –
610 BHN
► Rubber/cast iron mixing paddles for optimum durability
► Specially designed for precast concrete and dry mortar
► Counter current mixing system so that all the energy is projected onto the concrete
► Equipped with a-hydraulic coupling to allow for a smooth emergency start-up when the mixer is full

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