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Aggregate Recovery


Self Feeding Rate
► Up to 52 yd3/hr (40 m3/hr)

Smart Automation
► No system monitoring required

Environment Friendly
► Cleaner Technology

Our legacy

With over two years of R&D studying the reclaiming industry and speaking with users about their struggles with what is currently available, BMH has engineered a truly robust concrete reclaiming system, developed to meet the specific demands of the ready-mix industry.

► Cleaner technology
► Separates the fine and coarse aggregates
► Long-standing shaft de-mixer technology
► No system monitoring required
► Reclaimer self-feeding rate of 26 yd3/hr (20 m3/hr) to 52 yd3/hr (40 m3/hr)
► The receiving hopper has a capacity of 2 to 7 yd3  (1.5 – 5.5 m³), depending on the model

Smart automation

Think green

Returned ready-mix is poured into the “Smart Automation System”. This system takes over and self-feeds the reclaimer automatically without relying on personnel to monitor the action at a rate of 26 yd3/hr (20 m3) to 52 yd3/hr (40 m3). The material then receives a systematic scrubbing through a long-standing shaft de-mixer technology where the material stays below the shaft to limit issues with seals and bearings. Material can then be separated into fine and coarse aggregates while the gray water is kept in suspension and managed with a filter press, a pond system or by the Eco Gray Water Management System.

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