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Precast Mixers

Concrete Mixers

Production capacity
► From 0.43 yd³ (0.33 m³) to 4 yd³ (3 m³) output

Outstanding Design
► Homogeneous mixture

► For a wide variety of industries

we do the installation, start-up, commissioning & support

BMH Systems is the official distributor of ARCEN products in North America. ISO 9001 certified, Arcen is a Portugal-based company established in 1990, selling mixers in 45 countries.

BMH engineering staff is fully trained in the installation, start-up, commissioning and support of Arcen Mixers.


Planetary mixer

This planetary mixing action can produce a homogeneous mixture in a short period of time. It is optimal for a very wide variety of industries such as blocks and pavers, architectural products, concrete pipes, cored slabs, structural elements, etc.



The mixing head and paddles are designed for a fast homogeneous blend. The lateral scrapers place the material in the paddles’ path, speeding up the mixing process.

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