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Twin-Shaft – Mining Duty

Production Capacity
► Up to 2.6 – 24 yd3 (2 – 18 m3)

Durable Design
► Reduced wear zone

► Equipped with Ni-Hard 1

High-performance overflow

► This mixing tool arrangement allows for the creation of an uninterrupted spiral on each mixing shaft.
► The mixing process takes place in the centre of the mixer, thereby reducing the wear zone and allowing for rapid mixture of batch ingredients.
► The intensive material mixture occurs in the turbulent overlap area of the two mixing circles in a rapid movement allowing material to move quickly throughout the mixer during the entire mixing process.

Mixing principle: advantage of Spiral Mixing Concept

Profiled mixer cover

Our profiled mixer cover is designed to follow the path of the mixing tools to enable them to clean the inside of the cover. This prevents build-up and reduces the risk of dried ”chunks” falling into the mixer and blocking the pump or the borehole.

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