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  • Turnkey project
  • 2 twin shaft mixers, 4 yd³ vibrated yield (output)
  • 4 cement silos, 220 ton each
  • Aggregate bin, 5 compartments, 585 ton capacity
  • 2 cement scales, 11,000 lb
  • 2 water scales, 4,400 lb
  • 8 admixture weight tanks
  • Belt conveyor, 48″
  • 6 screw feeders
  • Dust collection system
  • Air heating system
  • Water heater
  • Steam boiler
  • Building enclosure, structure, lighting and heating


As a part of their expansion projects, Ontario Power Generation has decided to build a tunnel that will divert part of the Niagara River from an intake located upstream of Niagara Falls to a power generation station located downstream on the same river.

Dufferin Concrete needed a batch plant manufacturer to design, supply and install a concrete batch plant to be located at the outlet canal of the Niagara Tunnel Facility Project owned by Ontario Power Generation in the province of Ontario, Canada.


BMH assisted Dufferin Concrete in developing a ready-mix concrete production process that met the quality and production requirements established for the Niagara Tunnel Facility Project.