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  • 2 twin shaft mixers, 3 yd³
  • 2 aggregate bins, 440 ton capacity each
  • 2 aggregate bins, 220 ton capacity each
  • 2 concrete holding hoppers with dual outlets
  • 2 belt conveyors, 36″
  • 6 belt conveyors, 18″
  • 2 bucket elevators, 60 tph
  • Cement bin, 220 ton capacity
  • Computerized batch control system
  • Control room


The Hibernia gravity base oil drilling platform in Newfoundland, Canada, totally made of high-strength concrete, had to be poured with a slip form system in over three hundred feet of water off the Atlantic coast.


BMH Systems supplied a twin central mix batch plant mounted on a barge, with two 3 yd³ twin shaft mixers, 1,320 ton of aggregate storage and 220 ton of cement storage. This turnkey project also included an automation system capable of batching in the harsh environment of the ocean with very strict tolerances and, had to be able to withstand the worst possible storms.