BMH’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID‑19)


  • Upgrade from a 8 yd³ (6 m³) to a 15.5 yd³ (12 m³) RollMaster® reversing drum mixer
  • Increased conveyor capacity from 460 tph (belt speed of 450 fpm) to 565 tph (belt speed of 550 fpm)
  • Modification of existing cement weight hopper
  • Reuse of the existing aggregate and cement bins
    • Cement bin, 4 compartments, 330 tons (300 tonnes)
    • Aggregate bin, 5 compartments, 330 tons (300 tonnes)
  • Modification of existing structure
  • 360° rotary chute
  • Dust collection system
  • Dual bay, dry and wet

BMH Solution

BMH reused the existing aggregate and cement bins, modified the existing cement weight hopper and the existing structure, while upgrading from a 8 yd³ (6 m³) to a 15.5 yd³ (12 m³) mixer. To maintain their production during the shutdown of the plant, Rolling Mix bought a mobile plant (EG-8) from BMH.

The Need

Rolling Mix needed to retrofit their nearly 20 year old plant to increase their production capacity.