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Wet Central Mix

  • 4 cement and sand silos, 150 Ton Capacity
  • Cement and sand weigh hopper, 3,000 kg (6,600 lb)
  • Structure to support the 4 silos
  • Arcen horizontal mixer, model MEH-4500
  • Holding hopper under the mixer, 4,500 kg (9,900 lb)
  • Central dust collection system
  • Computerized batch control system
  • Super bag system and bagging system
  • Building enclosure
  • Foundations design, erection, installation and start-up

BMH Solution

BMH Systems designed the batch plant around an MEH-4500 Arcen mixer and 600 tons of bulk storage. In addition to two cement and two sand silos, along with companion weigh hoppers, BMH supplied a holding hopper, central dust collection system, computerized batch control system and plant enclosure, while performing foundation design, erection, installation and start-up services.

The Need

Schluter had a six-to seven-month window for building a batch plant and bagging line. The schedule was dictated by launch of the Schluter SET, ALL-SET and FAST-SET mortar series.