Concrete reclaimer

With over two years of R&D studying the reclaiming industry and speaking with users about their struggles with what is currently available, BMH has engineered a truly robust concrete reclaimer system, developed to meet the specific demands of the ready-mix industry.

Smart Automation

Returned ready-mix is poured into a receiving hopper that has a capacity of 2 to 7 yd³ (1.5 - 5.5 m³), depending on the model. Subsequently, the “smart” automation system takes over and self-feeds the reclaimer automatically without relying on personnel to monitor the action at a rate of 26 yd3/hr to 52 yd3/hr. The material then receives a systematic scrubbing through a long-standing shaft demixer technology where the material stays below the shaft to limit issues with seals and bearings. Material can then be separated into fine and coarse aggregates while the gray water is kept in suspension and managed with a filter press, a pond system or by the EcoGray water management system.


BMH Concrete Reclaimer Main Components



  • Modular/expandable system that offers a multitude of flexible arrangements – allows your system to grow with your operation
  • Rockbox screw conveyor design for minimal wear
  • Easy access man size door for agitation tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Replaceable wear plates for mixer and agitation tank
  • Automated feed system with VFD control. System is independent from the operator.
  • Hardox constructed demixing drum to breakdown ready mix
  • Hardox fabricated aggregate screw conveyor
  • Large accessible door for maintenance
  • Easy access water management system (water bank valve)


Gray Water Optimization Tank

This highly engineered gray water agitation tank ranging in sizes from 13,000 to 26,000 gallons (Custom sizes available) is designed to eliminate buildup.



  • Agitation mechanism with electric motor
  • Ladder with guardrails to access top of the tank
  • Extra-large clean-out/access door
  • Gray water pump for ready-mix production
  • Density monitoring system to interface with batch computer and/or filter press system
  • Control system with touch screen display


BMH Systems is the official distributor of ARCEN products in North America