Major Infrastructure Projects

Do you have high ambitions? We strive to meet challenges of all sizes. BMH Systems, ISO 9001-2008 certified, has managed to make its mark through several major achievements. Through our impeccable project management, we have provided concrete batch plants for hydroelectric dams, drilling platforms, tunnels, bridges, airports, wind farms and highways. The professionalism of our management team gives us the ability to manage each critical factor of concrete mass production to complete major infrastructure projects.

The BMH expertise

  • Implementation of turnkey projects
  • Recognized experience in managing complex engineering projects 
  • Expertise in the design and manufacture of high production capacity plants
  • Expertise in the design and manufacture of plants mounted on barges
  • Expertise in the design and manufacture of plants designed to withstand extreme meteorological and oceanographic conditions 
  • Preparation of preliminary concepts for pre-qualification process or during the budget preparation
  • Well-established system of quality control: ISO 9001-2015 Certified

Concrete Batch Plants

Customized design

  • Low profile or gravity (stack-up)
  • High production capacity
  • Seismic zone
  • Small footprint
  • Aesthetic design
  • Winterized plant
  • Complete dust control
  • Double or additional bay for dry-mix batches
  • A faster and cleaner method for filling truck mixers
  • Aggregate heating system and ice plants
  • Reversing drum or twin-shaft mixers
shotcrete concrete plant by BMH Systems

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) plants

Large production plant for dam construction

  • High production capacity plants
  • Plants designed for remote locations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Plants designed for dump trucks or conveyor belts
  • Twin-shaft resistant mixers
  • Winterized plant
  • Available heating and cooling systems
Concrete Batch Plant for dam project

Concrete plant monted on a Barge


  • Design of modular plants to facilitate installation on barges
  • High precision scales: waves are compensated electronically and dynamically 
  • Custom pneumatic transfer system design
  • Custom aggregate supply system design
  • High production capacity plants
  • Designed for massive continuous slipforming pour
Modularized concrete plant for relocation

Portable Batch Plants

For temporary installation or remote locations

  • Low profile and high mobility batch plant
  • Easy and quick set up time
  • No foundation/erection required, blocking only
  • Telescopic legs
  • Aggregate bin, 2 to 4 compartments
  • Direct front end loader charging of aggregates
  • Cement bin, single compartment
  • Option: RollMaster® reversing drum mixer up to 12 yd³ (9 m³) or a twin shaft mixer, up to 6 yd³ (4.5 m³) complete with steel structure, service platform, safety guards and access stairway
  • Option: Winterization for Cold Climate Operations
  • Consult the mobiles section on our web site