Paste Backfill Plants

BMH has acquired a wide experience in the design and manufacturing of paste backfill plants for company such as Hudbay, PT Freeport, Rubicon minerals, Aurizon mines, Cœur mining, Randgold resources, Aurico Gold, Hochshild mining, Diavik diamond mines, Iamgold to name a few. With the implementation of its first paste backfill plant in the early 1990s, BMH is an established provider or turnkey paste backfill solutions. BMH Systems is a very well known integrator, adapting plants to any design requirements & weather conditions.

In the last two decades, pastefill technology has progressed from a research-based backfill idea to a widely accepted, cost effective backfill method with the potential to radically change the way tailings are disposed of on surfaces. The advantages of pastefill over hydraulic fill include reduced binder consumption, slimes handling, stope preparation and surface disposal coupled with productivity improvements associated with an increased mining cycle.


Silos and screw conveyors

  • Welded or bolted construction
  • Silos complete with dust collectors, manholes, and an inspection door
  • Guillotine, butterfly, or rotary output valve
  • Custom designed screw conveyors to meet the precise load requirements

The conveyors

  • Mechanics designed specifically for mining application
  • Monitoring through alignment switches, shifts, and blocking.
  • Loading point with robust skirts and impact rollers 
  • D or E CEMA rollers
  • Mine Duty pulley types
  • Belt adapted to meet specific application
  • Screw or revolving tensioner
  • Belt Cleaners (primary,  secondary, V-Plow type)

Multiple screw power conveyors

  • Treatment of over 250 tons of waste per hour
  • Smooths the mixer power
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Twin shaft mixer

The twin shaft mixing system is composed of two synchronized horizontal axes allowing for better homogeneity of the concrete mixture. This mixing movement can produce a wide variety of concrete consistencies.

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Mixer specifically designed for continuous mixing such as paste backfill operations in the mining industry

BMH Systems is the official distributor of ARCEN products in North America