Precast Concrete Plants

BMH designs and manufactures precast concrete plants in a unique way. With concrete product plants in operation since 1979, BMH is delivering customized precast plants that fit any machine, any capacity and any building requirement. From the design and specification stage to the manufacturing, engineering and installation, BMH provides profit-driven precast concrete production plants.

Our expertise

  • Turnkey solution
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easily retrofit your existing facilities
  • Small footprint
  • New equipment additions
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Improved performance of existing equipment
  • Equipment modernization for integration of new products
  • Improved production flexibility
  • New production line additions
  • Production capacity increase

Characteristics of BMH precast concrete plants

  • Choose from a variety of mixers
  • Expandable silo capacity
  • Customizable aggregate bin
  • Exclusive double or triple hoppers for consistent color blending
  • Small to extra-large production capacities
  • Integration of any color system
  • Any low-profile or gravity model available
  • Clamshell gate or variable speed feeder
  • Moisture and temperature probes
  • Concrete slump control
  • Automation and computerized batch control system
  • Flow switch
  • Concrete handling systems
  • Heating and curing systems
  • Rock ladders to prevent segregation
  • Motion detectors
  • Central dust collection systems
  • High and low level indicators in bins and silos

Blending hopper

Superior blending of color can be achieved with this double or triple concrete hopper system. The mixer can batch three different batches of color back to back and discharge them into their respective holding hoppers from the three discharging doors. A belt feeder can operate at different speeds and deliver ribbon-fed concrete for any finished product.



Planetary mixer

This planetary mixing action can produce very homogeneous concrete as well as colored concrete, and is optimal for a very wide variety of industries such as blocks, pavers, architectural products, concrete pipes, cored slabs, and structural elements.

BMH Systems is the official distributor of ARCEN products in North America