• Planetary mixers
  • Aggregate bin, 8 compartments, 1,320 ton total capacity
  • Aggregate scales, 3 yd³
  • Cement silos, 3 compartments, 165 ton capacity each
  • Discharge belt conveyors
  • Inclined belt conveyors
  • Reversing belt conveyor
  • Screw feeders
  • Concrete holding hoppers
  • Aggregate reversing belt conveyor
  • Aggregate reversing belt feeders
  • Computerized batch control system
  • Devgrip bin coating
  • Air heating system
  • Building enclosure

The Need

Permacon wanted to increase the storage capacity and modernized the equipment at their Anjou, Quebec plant, for improved production flexibility.

BMH Solution

A gigantic project including a complete batch plant retrofit with a 1,320 ton aggregate bin and 8 compartments fully equipped with 2 aggregate scales feeding 2 planetary mixers, each integrating a 3-color blending system.